Aug. 12th, 2013

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As mentioned, I started a new character for Skyrim. Tulla Greysmoke, inspired by my Tauren druid (one of my oldest characters) in WoW, is a Breton by heritage, though a Forsworn grandparent has given her a wild streak and a deep dislike of Nords, especially Nords who rant about how Skyrim is THEIR land. Bah!

Greysmoke is pretty druidy herself -- light armor (leathers, hides, and fur) primarily, magic and stealth, and her beast blood (yep, another werewolf, though far more in tune with her inner beast than Chela... and far less /reckless/ about using it) for when brute force is needed. With Howl of the Pack, she can (and often does) call up a couple of spirit wolves to soften up and distract enemies.

With Greysmoke I used the Random Alternate Start mod; this gives you a quick chargen and then dumps your new character in one of hundreds of different locations in the Skyrim wilderness. It also lets you pick a class-flavored equipment kit (or none at all, or random). Pretty cool; awesome variety for starting alts.

Tulla Greysmoke in chargen. Not a woman to mess with, yo.

Waking up in the lair of a coven of necromancers.

Time to wolf out! Note: necromancers taste terrible. But killing them is satisfying.

Couple of days later, Greysmoke explores the area near Falkreath.

Exploring another dungeon.

Taking care of a bounty. Bandits always have good grub laying about.

Greysmoke found a really lovely little cabin, but it was locked. Fine. She set up camp in the front yard anyway, used their firewood, ate their potatoes and leeks. And they were delicious.


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