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2014-03-22 01:49 pm


For those wondering, it's true -- Roomhates is still kinda on a hiatus. I think I got another couple of strips up on the main site but until I get 100% better and get 100% caught up on my coursework, the strip's likely to remain on hiatus. Which might be through the rest of the semester. Which suuuucks, yes, but college stuff has to take priority. :/

Worst case scenario, the strip stays dormant until I finish my degree up at the end of Summer I (end of June).

So it goes.
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2014-01-11 01:45 pm

Roomhates #85

And with that, I'm sad to say, "Roomhates" is going on hiatus for six weeks. I'll likely upload some sketches and progress work to the main site.

The strip will resume normal updates on Feb 22.
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2013-11-23 01:21 pm

Roomhates #78

Hotlinking from ComicFury because dA is being a poop. But, then again, ComicFury is the comic's main site! So go there for archives and commenting and such. :)
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2013-09-21 01:45 pm

Roomhates #69

Link to comic.

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