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Classes started back up this week; it's gonna be a heck of a busy semester, I suspect. Even so, I've been able to work in some Skyrim time. It's become my go-to game. I did re-up my WoW account earlier this week, but despite still kinda liking the game, there's no real spark there, and my best guess is that after this month runs out, I'll be done at least until the next expansion. (I made an orc monk, an old grizzled fellow named Gongall on the Garona server (marked 'New Players' so lots of folks levelling and stuff) and I do enjoy him. Maybe he'll be my next Elder Scrolls character!)

I also tried out some Guild Wars 2 this morning, since I got an invite from them to play free this weekend. It's very pretty and runs nicely on the Octopus (my laptop). I'm not sure how much I like the focused storytelling, though; GW2 forces my character to have a specific personality and voice, and I don't like that. I also wonder how repetitive it'd be to create an alt of the same race (I'm such a fiend for alts); WoW's straight-line, themepark questing style that started in Cataclysm is pretty mind-numbing on the second or third (fourth, fifth, umpteenth) playthrough.

As I mentioned earlier, Skyrim's become my go-to game, and though I (as always) keep thinking of new characters to play, I've stuck with Greysmoke so far. She's definitely starting to come along.

Continuing to ignore the call of the Greybeards (seriously, fight dragons? no way), Greysmoke's been wandering around doing random errands for people and killing bandits and other hostiles that come her way. Lydia turned out to be a worthy ally -- a doughty fighter and not too talkative -- and Greysmoke soon gifted her with lycanthropy. As a werewolf, Lydia has the same pale fur that Greysmoke has, but her build is heavier, almost masculine. She transforms when Greysmoke does, though can also transform if asked. The two of them get along just fine; even Lydia's dryly sarcastic, "I am sworn to carry your burdens," is more of a private joke between the two hardbitten women than an actual complaint.

In contrast, Greysmoke did NOT really get along with Vilja -- a would-be bard that Greysmoke met in Whiterun. It wasn't that Vilja did anything wrong; she was eager in battle, took directions without complaint, and was nice enough. TOO nice, maybe. And chatty. True, Greysmoke could (and did) ask her to stop talking so much, but doing that felt a little mean. In the end, their personalities just did not mesh, and Greysmoke left her in the inn at Falkreath before going to see the Jarl, from whom she had a letter.

Greysmoke did not much like the Jarl, an arrogant and rather sleezy little pup of a Nord, but the man was willing to let Greysmoke buy land in his Hold if she'd clear out a nest of bandits. Since Greysmoke is always up for killing bandits, this was no difficult thing, and soon enough, she was directed to a spot of land near a lake.

She's been pretty much busy developing things there (apart from a quick detour to talk to the master of a talking dog... an errand that she'll complete when things are more settled in her new home), building and smithing, planting herbs, and generally enjoying the feeling of owning her own piece of the world separated from the crowded bustle of town. She's made Lydia her steward and is, for the first time in her life, thinking of finding a good male to pair up with. Someone fairly sturdy -- able to hunt and fight at her side -- but also willing to keep house when she's off hunting alone. And, of course, someone willing to join her in lycanthropy (although possibly someone who simply isn't going to run in terror when she's in that form).

First, though, she's going to get the place finished. Then maybe deal with Barbas the Talking Dog's problem.

As for dragons... she saw one near Riverwood (while Vilja was still following her and Lydia), but that's been it so far. Greysmoke really has no desire to follow up on this silly "Dragonborn" thing. Yet.


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